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10 Things We Ignorantly Keep On Using After Their Expiry Date

10 Things We Ignorantly Keep On Using After Their Expiry Date

Not many know that some things they use at home have expiry date, they continue using it and it’s damaging them ignorantly but we at Vibelens have uncovered few of such things.

There are also some things that appear to be put away for a considerable length of time and even decades, they appear to be unceasing to us, yet the greater part of them are really constrained by expiry date, after which the things wind up noticeably pointless and perhaps even unsafe.

Vibelens has gathered a rundown of the most widely recognized family unit things that really have a expiry date. Check them out and see if such “fortunes” are in your home and stay on the safe side!

#1. Spices

Spices can only be safe for use when they are less than 2 years old, any spices used after two years is dangerous to your health.

#2. Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes that are more than 6 months old should be thrown away and if you use them to run, it needs to be changed every 250 miles.

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#3. Tea Bags

Tea Bags
Some may have expiry date embossed on the pack but to be on the safer side, don’t use a tea bag after 6 months because of the ability of tea leaves to ferment.

#4. Sunglasses

Things with expiry date
The ultraviolet rays have a negative effect on lenses so after some time, the lenses allow more rays to pass through which is very dangerous for your eye. Once every 2 years, change your sunglasses.

#5. Toothpaste And Tooth Brush

things that expire quickly
Change your toothbrush every 3 months so as not to turn it into an incubator of bacteria. Toothpaste should also be kept for not more than 1 year after its opening.

#6. Towels

It is recommended to change towels for new ones every 3 years since bacterial dwell in them, though washing it with hot water can help in getting rid of bacterial.

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#7. Combs And And Hair Brush

Things with expiry date

The same applies to makeup brushes and tools. Combs and hair should be changed yearly, if it is used after that one year period, it can provoke dandruff and problems with hair.

#8. Makeup Brushes And Sponges

Makeup Brushes And Sponges

One should change their makeup brushes every 5 years but Sponges should be renewed every 6 months.

#9. Bra

After 2 years, one should change their bra and undies.

#10. Pillows

A pillow loses its shape after 2-3 years, and dust mites begin to appear in it hence you should always change your pillows after that period.

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