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10 Times Hair Colorists Literally Changed The Game

10 Times Hair Colorists Literally Changed The Game

Is your hair color more meh than mesmerizing? The only cure is to follow these hair color styles —the vibrant, jaw-dropping hair dye creations will inspire you to book an appointment for a total color makeover. Or at the very least, they’ll inspire you to tap the like button.

1. Inverted yin-yang buzzcuts

2. Rubiks Cube-lookin’ concept

3. Turn your hair into a crown

4. Doll-like, yarn-esque masterpiece

5. Warm, pink locks

6. Pigmented yellow hair

7. Explosion

8. Bouncy confetti afro

9. This luscious peach is everything

10. Hypnotic portrait of Elvis

11. Pastel-hued afro

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