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5 Bizarre Airports Around The World That Will Leave You Stunned

Courchevel Airport - France


5 Bizarre Airports Around The World That Will Leave You Stunned

We all know airports are supposed to be on an official ground where security and no danger can cause harm to travelers. Well, you’re wrong, can you imagine going to a beach airport, yes an airport situated at a beach somewhere in this world.

Sounds weird and scary, huh!

We’re here with the list of 5 bizarre airports in the world which will scare the hell of of you.

#1. Madeira Airport – Portugal

Madeira Airport - Portugal
This airport is situated between a mountain and the ocean and pilots who operate at this airport need to attend extra specialist training to fly on this route.

#2. Courchevel Airport – France

Courchevel Airport - France
The length of the runway of this airport is 537 metres and it has been ranked as the 7th most terrifying airport in the world by History Channel.

#3. Male International Airport – Maldives

Bizarre Airports Around The World
This airport is just 2 meters above from the sea level, it begins and ends with water and it is also known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

#4. Tenzing-Hillary Airport – Nepal

most interesting airports
This airport has an altitude of 2,845 meters above sea level and at a spot from where climbers start their journey to Mount Everest.

The runway is 460 meters long and it was named as the most dangerous airport in the world in 2010 by History Channel.

#5. Barra Airport – Scotland

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This Airport which was opened in 1963 is on the bay of Traigh Mhor and it gets drowned when the tides hit the bay.

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