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5 Dangerous Flowers You Shouldn’t Keep At Home

Dangerous Flowers


5 Dangerous Flowers You Shouldn’t Keep At Home

Almost everyone cherishes blooms for various reasons. Flowers look lovely and smell awesome and that’s the reason most people use them to beautify their homes and environment. However, there are some flowers which can prompt horrid outcomes and today, we take a look at 5 of such flowers.

1. Tall Buttercup

Tall Buttercup


Buttercup flower has different types and though some are quite safe, others are not. Tall buttercup flower is very poisonous as it’s to be releasing corrosive volatile substances with a sharp odor that irritates the eyes and causes pain, tears, and sometimes temporary blindness.

2. Delphinium



The roots and leaves of Delphinium contains poison and it can cause respiratory paralysis accompanied by heart damage.

3. Fraxinella

Dangerous Flowers


Even the smell of this flower is very dangerous. If it touches your skin, it can cause blisters leading to second-degree burns.

4. Hydrangea

poisonous flowers to humans


The hydrangea flower contains hydrocyanic acid. It can cause weakness, nausea, and increased sweating. The worse is your central nervous system will be affected, you’ll have shortness of breath, and if the worse meets the worse, you’ll loose your life.

5. Aconite or Foxbane

poisonous flowers to touch


The whole plant is very poisonous as it has been proven that the toxic alkaloids in this flower contains have a paralytic effect: if it enters your mouth, the muscles of the mouth become very numb and after a while, you will start having convulsions, and then paralysis of the respiratory tract will set in.

Though all the above mentioned flowers are very beautiful, becareful not to have put them near your home, you now know how it’s dangers.

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