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5 Features On Your Smartphone That You Have No Idea About

5 Features On Your Smartphone That You Have No Idea About

Smartphones have entered our lives at such a very fast pace, to the point that not every person has knowledge about what these smartphones are genuinely able to do. Besides, the advance does not stop, and steady updates convey these devices closer and nearer to supremacy.

We at Vibelens trust that numerous regular assignments can be made substantially less difficult on the off chance that you ace a couple of traps when taking care of your Android gadget.

Today we show a rundown of some of these great concealed features on your smartphone!

#1. Turn Your Smartphone Into A Digital Scale

You can easily use your smartphone to weigh small objects by installing working scale free. But remember not to use objects that can break your screen. Use it wisely.

Paying With Your Phone Instead Of A Credit Card

Using the NFC modules built in to your smartphone, you can link your credit card to an account in the relevant system (Android Pay
or Apple Pay).This will enable you to pay with your phone in any of the thousands of stores that accept contactless payments.

#3. Linking two smartphones together

With the help of One-Touch-Go (OTG) function, you can link your smartphone to a peripheral device, including another smartphone.

#4. Unlimited Search

By installing an app called Google Googles , you can find anything you want. Instead of typing in your search queries, you’re using your smartphone camera. This is especially convenient when making searches related to foods, household goods, images, and barcodes.

#5. Cloning Applications

In newer versions of Android OS, there’s a menu option called “App Cloner” that allows a user to duplicate the desired application with a single tap. However, if that option is not available yet for your device, you can download App Cloner to do the job for you.

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