10 Exciting Places In Accra That’ll Satisfy Your Wandering Soul Like Nothing Else. Accra is a city in Ghana with a blend of art, culture, architecture, history, fashion and natural beauty. Be it malls or restaurants or sea, it has everything. You like to party? It has some best clubs and pubs.

If you’re planning your next trip to Ghana, here is a list of exciting and fun places where you can find everything in Accra.

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Now we bring 10 places in Accra which will take your breath away. Read on to see which places to include in your next trip to Ghana!

#1. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra

The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and memorial park is located in downtown Accra and it is dedicated to Osagyefo (the Messiah) Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president and one of its founding fathers.

#2. Accra Mall

Accra Mall
The Accra Mall is one of the biggest shopping center in Accra, located on the Spintex road adjacent to the Tema Motorway. The mall is one of the most modern shopping malls in West Africa and the first large-scale shopping centre in Ghana.

#3. Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach
Bojo beach is a luxury resort on the south coast of Accra, the Beach has a resort, named Bojo Beach Resort which embodies the best of the Ghanaian hospitality.

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#4. Labadi Pleasure Beach

Labadi Pleasure Beach
Labadi pleasure beach is one of the most cruded beach in the City of Accra, especially on the weekends. Enjoy horse riding, acrobats and many more exciting events.

#5. Jamestown Lighthouse

Jamestown Lighthouse pictures
The Jamestown lighthouse was first built in the early 1930s, replacing the one which was built in 1871, it is located in the Jamestown neighbourhood of Accra.

#6. Osu Castle

Osu Castle
The Osu Castle was formerly known as Fort Christiansborg and it is located in Osu, Accra, Ghana on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. For most of the castle’s history, it has been the seat of government in Ghana until the John Kufuor administration moved the seat of government to Golden Jubilee House after 6 January 2009 but was quickly reversed by the incoming John Atta Mills administration. It also serves as the place where the late president of Ghana John Atta Mills is buried; in a bird sanctuary, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

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#7. National Museum Of Ghana

National Museum Of Ghana
The National Museum of Ghana is the largest and oldest of the six museums under the administration of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB).

The museum was commissioned by the Duchess of Kent, Princess Marina on 5 March 1957 as part of Ghana’s independence celebrations. Objects of archaeology, ethnography as well as fine art can be found place in the National Museum building.

#8. Makola Market

Makola Market
Makola Market is one of the renowned market place and shopping district in the centre of Ghana’a capital, Accra. A wide array of products is sold in a market dominated by women traders, the market sells fresh produce, manufactured and imported foods, clothes, shoes, tools, medicines, and pots and pans.

Jewellery made from locally handcrafted beads can also be found for sale in the market.

#9. Academy For African Music And Arts

African Music And Arts image
The Kokrobite Academy of African Music and Art, Accra is located on the beautiful Southern coast of Ghana. This school for African arts hosts a drumming and dancing show on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. This is also a good place to receive African drumming lessons. A simple restaurant and inexpensive accommodations are available.

It is located approximately 20 minutes off the road to Cape Coast. Turn left, either at the sign just past Accra’s last police barrier, or look for the large sign some 7km past the last police barrier and then turn left.

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#10. Tiga African Art

Tiga African Art image
Tiga African Art is an independent art consultancy with new ideas and a fresh approach to the promotion and development of art. They pride themselves on being able to execute the vision of their clients while bringing together a unique and appropriate art collections.

They are located near Coffe Shop Premier Point Building, Labone, Accra.

10 Exciting Places In Accra That’ll Satisfy Your Wandering Soul Like Nothing Else

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