10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends. Sometimes we have to give ourselves the chance to have fun with our friends. Not just any fun but challenging fun to make a memorable day. These are 10 fun challenges you can do with friends. Get ready!

      1. Gallon Milk Challenge.
10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

Gallon milk challenge is the act of taking in a large amount of milk within a given period of time. Challenge your friend(s) with this fun game and let us see the ‘milk consumer’ of the day.

      2. Ice Bath Challenge.
10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. This is not only an exercise but a serious game among friends or love ones. But please, do not be far from a towel, you will definitely need it when the game is over. Remember, everything you do must be timed. However, you can call this challenge the ‘the therapy fun challenge.’

      3. Water In The Mouth Challenge.

Fill your mouth with water, close your mouth and do not dare to laugh. Who is the winner or loser, you or your friend? On the count of three, everyone must take in water and fill their mouth with the whole cup or bottle of water. Make sure your mouth is really full of water – no swallowing is allowed. Each one taking part of this challenge gets 30 seconds. Try not to laugh yourself and try not to let your friends laugh as well. If any of you laugh, bringing water out of the mouth, then they are out.

      4. Hot Pepper Challenge.

10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

Who is ready to take this challenge? Can you even take hot food? Then we are good to go. You and your friends can get yourself some hot pepper and take a raw taste of it. No screaming, no tearing and no popping out of food. Who amongst you can stand? Truth or dare?

      5. Lemon Challenge.

Do you enjoy taking sour things, then perhaps you can go through this challenge and become the champion. A little advice, involve friends that love sweet things, put an award such as money on this challenge and get ready.

      6. No Mirror makeup Challenge.
10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

For today, you and your friends or colleagues should do your makeup without looking into that mirror. Let us see who comes out prettier amongst you and let us see who looks like the opposite. Ladies will especially love this. Hey ladies! Where are you?

      7. Foot Ice Challenge.
10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

This is the twin brother of ice bath challenge. Are your feet strong enough  not to disgrace you. Get your bucket, go into the refrigerator and get yourselves some ice blocks. You are good to start.

8. Food Challenge.
10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

Who are the foodies here. More than two food are needed. Make sure whoever takes part in this challenge consumes all the food given to them. The one with a leftover will be the loser. This is the trick; do not eat throughout the day, there will enough space for the food.

      9. Onion Challenge.

Onion! Onion! Onion! The scent alone can cause you to vomit but hey, remember, this is a challenge and one of you have to win. Cut it into any style of your choice and prepare your mind for it.

      10. Say Anything Challenge.

10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends
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This challenge is not only fun but educative. One person will mention any name and the other members will have to mention a word that begins with the last alphabet of the name or word mentioned by the latter. There must be timing without delay. Anyone who delays in mentioning a word beginning with that last alphabet is out of the circle.

10 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

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