10 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

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10 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy. Sometimes penetrating through a guy’s brain can be very difficult and daring. There will be some answer you might not like but it is better to know the truth before having any deeper feelings for the guy. Guys hardly talk about themselves when you are able to ask them, they will gladly give you answers to all the questions. These are some interesting and cute questions to ask a guy.

      1. What Are Your Goals?

This is one of the best questions t ask a guy. Before you became a part of his life, be it a cordial relationship or romantic relationship, he already had some existing goals, hence you need to accept that you could not be included in all of his life goals.

      2. What Makes You Insecure?


Somebody’s insecurity is good to know at the palm of your hand especially when you want to be with him all your life. But you should never use it against them. Let them know that you need to know so you don’t use it against them.

      3. What Are Your Professional Goals?


For the sake of where this relationship is good to, know whether he is planning to go into a professional career or if he wants to have his own business. With this you will know where you are heading to with this guy.

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      4. What Is The Happiest Event In Your Life?


Everyone have that most memorable and happiest day of their life. By asking a guy, he can just burst out in laughter or give you a smile. This is because by asking him that question is like bringing that day back into his life.

      5. The Worst Thing You Have Done?


Weird question, Yes! But this question is not only funny, but will help reveal some values. His answer can make you laugh out though but at the same time you will be knowing who is.

      6. What Do You Expect From A Relationship.


Ask him this! And you will get what you want. He might be you friend but what if you end up dating. Not everyone has the same idea about relationship so clarify that at the beginning and know how he is expecting his relationship to be like.

      7. Do You Want A Child?


This is a very interesting question to ask a guy. He might be wondering why this question but you will definitely get a sincere answer from him. People in relationships end up shocked when they get to know that their other partner is not interested based on any reason given by them. To avoid this surprise, in the early stage of your relationship, ask him this question in a sincere way and clear your doubts.

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      8. What Do You Expect From Your Partner?


Put this question before him.What does he want you to do for him? What is he not expecting to see you doing? How does he want his wife to behave towards him and his love ones. It is the best questions to ask a guy and you will get an honest answer afterwards

      9. What Will You Do If You Had A Million Dollar?


This question is very tricky for the guy and will reveal a lot of things about him. The answer(s) to this question can if he is materialistic, matured enough to have his own family and home and adventurous. Even if you do not ask any question, just ask this question and you will get a whole of answers. It really works and push him to the wall.

      10. What do You Find attractive In A Woman?


Just as we ladies have our own perception about the ideal man so do guys. His answer to this question will help you figure out if you are really the one for him or just a side chick as they sometimes say. Do not be afraid to ask.

10 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy