10 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting Japan

If you are planning on visiting Japan, then you should learn about their cultures and customs very well. You should know their manners and cultural rules to avoid any offensive behavior.

In reality, every country has their own rules of society and you should always respect it. Japanese people take care of their guests and they also welcome them cordially. But, these polite and reserved people may notice all your manners and behaviors towards them. So, you should know some basic behavioral dos and don’ts, before you travel to this country.

111. Don’t Bathe Dirty

The very first fact may surprise you. Those deep relaxing ofuro tubs you see are for soaking and soothing, not for cleaning. You must soap and scrub yourself in the adjacent shower and then you can take a spa like soaking in the steaming hot water.

Remember, don’t flush out the water after from the tub, because many people can be waiting in there to enter
into the same tub.