2018 Champions League Final: 3 Things We Learnt From The Epic Final


The 2018 Champions League, which was won by the fearsome Real Madrid, produced the kind of adrenaline we all yearned for. I have particularly gathered few talking points which I think can be applied in every facet of our lives, not just in football, relative what transpired between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Mistakes do happen, the case of Karius.

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I admit Karuius is not in the same bracket as Thibaut Coutois, De Gea or his opposite number, Kayla Navas but we sure weren’t expecting these howlers. Karius unforgettable nightmare began when he gifted Karim Benzema a goal in the 51st minute of the second half as the French forward scored one of the most bizarre goals in Champions League history.

The German attempted to under-arm the ball to Dejan Lovren with Karim Benzema was lurking in his shadows. Before one could say Jack, Karius, who was under no pressure whatsoever after collecting Toni Kroos’ lofted through-ball just inside his own area. The aftermath of which was the simplest goal I’ve ever seen in my life. Karious is not good, but we never anticipated this.

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Salah’s injury shows that life is not a bed roses.

Mohammed Salah is new the darling boy of everyone, and even those who hate Liverpool. He came into this game with high hopes but unfortunately his the fairy-tale aura which defined his season came to terrible end in a brutal fashion.

The Liverpool forward had to be consoled by teammates as he left the pitch in tears in the 30th minute after a cynical tackle from Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos. Although he did everything he could to stay on the pitch, he just couldn’t endure the pain as he left the pitch in tatters, with hi 10-goals in the Champions League, going away with him

Very sad indeed.

Gareth Bale had his moment; Ronaldo was nowhere to be found

Gareth Bale produced what I call an orgasmic moment with his super strike that Ronaldo himself would be wondering how he managed to do it. The Welsh man has been ‘rejected’ in recent times and although he picked up some amount of momentum prior to the game, he was still benched.

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Yet it was he who came up with two superb strikes that literally grabbed the trophy for Real Madrid. With the scores tied at 1-1, Bale stepped up in the 61st minute with a high flying, acrobatic volley, only two minutes after coming on.

His goal will no doubt will go straight into the list of the greatest all-time goals in a Champions League final, no doubt about it. Ronaldo, the greatest on the hand had a quite game all evening. Bale grabbed the moments. You can apply this in real life.

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