You probably have heard of the name Wendy Shay after the hit song Uber driver was released, and are wondering who she might be. This article will answer the question who is Wendy shay by a taking you through a bit of Wendy Shay biography as well as her aspirations.

Uber Driver hitmaker, Wendy Shay has revealed why she decided to quit her nursing job in Germany to concentrate on music full time. According to the Afrobeats musician when asked why she abandoned such a noble career for music, Wendy said:

“I have loved music since I was a kid. It is in me, and I feel now is the time I have to make it known”.

Her submission indicates that indeed, Shay loves music and is here to make a mark in the music industry. She is sexy and has the curves that men like but Wendy Shay, who wants to make a mark in the music industry says men should stay away for now because she want to focus on her career.

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With songs like Uber Driver, Bedroom Commando and recently Astalavista doing the magic for her, Wendy Shay says she sees herself winning Grammys in the next five years.

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