Actors Who Worked For Muscles For A Role. Acting can be very challenging indeed. Sometimes an actor has to take up a role which requires that he has to undergo physical transformation to suit the plot.

These actors in our compilation literally packed pounds of flesh to portray the superhero or the muscled good guy who will spank the bad guys in the movie.


1. Christian Bale, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

Actors Who 'Worked For Muscles' For A Role

Christian Bale has had quite a few unbelievable transformations for the sake of roles. Most of his efforts have been toward bulking up, but he lost an extreme amount of weight too. Remember The Machinist? Bale started filming for Batman Begins soon after that role, gaining over 100 pounds of muscle in less than six months.


2. Emma Stone, Battle Of The Sexes

Actors Who 'Worked For Muscles' For A Role

Emma Stone had to pack on some pounds to properly portray tennis superstar Billie Jean King. She did a lot of heavy lifting to put on 15 pounds of pure muscle for the film. Get it girl!


3. Chris Hemsworth, Thor

Actors Who 'Worked For Muscles' For A Role

Chris was straight-up jacked for his role in Thor, perfecting his already-built bod, and maintaining that throughout the years, for his return in The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World


4. JK Simmons, Justice League

Actors Who 'Worked For Muscles' For A Role


JK Simmons proved that the rest of us are full of crap and our excuses don’t mean anything, because at age 61, he shared photos like the below, and we’re all beyond impressed. He was filming Justice League during this time, but insisted that was mere coincidence.

“I pretty much decided that I was going to stay in decent shape for the rest of my life,” he said. Wow.

5. Tom Hardy, Bronson

Actors Who 'Worked For Muscles' For A Role

Transforming into violent criminal Charles Bronson couldn’t have been an easy feat. Along with getting into the mindset of a villain, Tom Hardy had to gain 42 pounds of muscle. Apparently to do so, he did 2,500 press-ups every day for over a month.

Photo credit: Movie Pilot | Warner Bros

Actors Who ‘Worked For Muscles’ For A Role