Black Friday 2017 is ongoing and we know most of you have already started shopping on the various online shopping sites. There are some things you need to know about Black Friday that most retailers don’t want you to know but we will unveil them.

If you love to shop, we know you’re already preparing for the D-day. There are some things you should know that retailers obviously don’t want you to find out. If you are going for Black Friday shopping, prepare yourself because you need energy, here are 5 black friday secrets you need to know

1. Get Enough Rest

5 Black Friday Secrets You Must Know
Before you head out to the shopping mall on Black Friday, make sure you get enough rest and be careful at the mall. Most stores won’t file incident reports relating to customer confrontations and have seriously beefed up security.

2.’New’ Products Aren’t Always New

5 Black Friday Secrets You Must Know
Do not think that just because an item has a ‘new’ label so it’s new, some stores sell recycled items and put the ‘new’ label on it just to attract buyers.

3. Don’t Focus On Big Stores Only, Smaller Stores Have Sales, Too

5 Black Friday Secrets You Must Know
Target and Best Buy aren’t the only stores that have Black Friday sales, you know. Check around for smaller businesses that are participating. This way you can save money and not worry about getting trampled.

4. Timing And Patience Is Everything

5 Black Friday Secrets You Must Know
Have patience when you go out for shopping on Black Friday, never rush. You can go out shopping in the afternoon because not all good products will be bought in the morning, you can still get them in the afternoon and save yourself from stampede.

5. Prices May Be Adjusted

5 Black Friday Secrets You Must Know
Price labels on stores on Black Friday are not always the final price, some stores may increase or reduce the price. They are all marketing strategies just to attract customers. Many stores exempt Black Friday from their price-matching policies so it’s always up to you to compare prices and find out which store truly has the best offer.