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5 Breathtaking Lakes We Bet You Never Know They Existed

5 Breathtaking Lakes We Bet You Never Know They Existed

5 Breathtaking Lakes We Bet You Never Know They Existed. Nature is indeed beautiful and If nothing could convince you about basic fact, just see below for some wonderful photos we gathered for you. For a moment, you might they don’t really exist, but they do!

Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater Lake is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, Mount Mazama, which was last active 7,000 years ago. The main point of interest at the lake is Wizard Island, which was dubbed the Phantom Ship because of its appearance. In the dark, it looks like a ship at sea. Also in Crater Lake there’s a huge log called ’’the old man of the lake.’’ It has vertically drifted in the lake for more than 100 years, and they say that it brings luck to anyone who sees it.

Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham Lake is an artificial lake that was created during the construction of a dam in the 1970s. The unusual patterns which appear in the thick ice when it freezes attract many tourists and photographers. The secret of this miracle is that the methane bubbles that are produced by the plants of the lake rise up from the bottom and thicken at a different depth, creating this amazing visual effect.

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Lake Hiller, Australia

Pink Lake Hiller is located on Middle Island in Western Australia. A narrow strip of sand dunes detaches it from the ocean, and it has the shape of an oval, with evergreen eucalyptuses growing all around it. The origin of the lake’s pink color is still a riddle. While scientists continue to solve it, tourists all over the world admire this astonishing natural wonder.

Melissani Lake, Greece

Melissani is the name of both a cave and a lake that are situated on the eastern coast of the Greek island Kefalonia. The cave’s arch fell in several thousand years ago, which created a peculiar well of an uneven shape in the middle. The subterranean kingdom is illuminated with beams of sunlight that come through the hole and make the water a light-blue color. Tourists love this romantic place.

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Peyto Lake, Canada

Peyto Lake, Canada

Another marvelous place in Banff National Park is Peyto Lake. The reservoir has an unusual shape resembling a wolf’s head, and it has an almost tropical color that stands out against the background of green trees. Rock particles from melted snow give the lake this unique turquoise shade, and it makes Peyto look just magical.

Photo credit: imegur

5 Breathtaking Lakes We Bet You Never Know They Existed

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