Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair. Twisting your own hair to make it adorable require some certain set of skills. Most people are able to do that flawlessly but that kind of skill doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people.

Medium-length hair is one of the most popular hairs of most women. And because of its length, there are endless styles one can do ‘manipulate’ this hair into.

We present you with 5 cute ideas that you can turn your hair into depending on your mood or the way you want to appear to the outside world.


Braided French Twist

Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair
Source: Oncewed.com


1. Tease and pin the crown section

2. Bring the sides up, overlapping each other over the previous pinned section.

3. Start braiding the left over hair all the way to the ends. (your choice of braid)

4. From the ends of the hair start bending the braid into itself.

5. Keep bending back until you reach the head. Start pinning!

6. Make sure to cross your bobby pins like an “x” for maximum hold. Spray and enjoy!


Voluminous Braid

Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair
Source: twistmepretty.com


1/ Pull hair into a ponytail and divide the hair in half
2/ Add an elastic a few inches down on the top section
3/ Now you’re going to poke a little hole in the centre and pull the bottom section through
4/ You’re going to add an elastic a few inches down on that new top section and repeat.  When you get to the end go ahead and fluff it out as much as you’d like!


Romantic Plaited Hairstyle

Source: 100layercake.com


1.Start off by curling all of your hair to add texture.
2. Next, take the front section of one side of your hair, twist, and pin it back with a bobby pin. (leaving end strands out)
3. Then, take a section of hair directly under where you just pinned the first section, twist and pin, covering the first bobby pin.
4. Repeat this process until you get to the center back of your hair. Taking sections, twisting and pinning back, making sure to cover bobbypins.
5. Repeat on opposite side.
6. Continue until the two sides meet in the center back of hair, pin together so it forms one continous halo.

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Original Ponytail


Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair
Source: hairromance.com


  1. Separate a one-inch section of hair on either side of your face. These sections will become your knot later.
  2. Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail near the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair elastic.
  3. Define the front section with a drop of hair oil. This helps you smoothly create the knot and adds shine.
  4. Cross the two sections over at the back of your head above your hair elastic. Loop one side over and through to create a simple knot.
  5. Cross the loose ends of your knot together again underneath your ponytail.
  6. Pin the ends in place with a bobby pin underneath your ponytail.
  7. You’ve now covered your hair elastic and added a chic detail to your basic everyday ponytail!


Half Crown Braid

Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair
Source: hairromance.com


  1. Start by taking a 1-2 inch section of hair on one side of your hair above your ear. Split this section in three and make a braid (plait).
  2. Angle the braid back around your head and secure the end of the braid with a small clear hair elastic.
  3. Repeat on the other side, taking a section above your ear and making a braid (plait). Secure the end with a small clear elastic.
  4. Bring the first braid across the back of your head and pin in place with bobby pins.
  5. Cross the second braid over the first and tuck the end in behind the first braid. Secure in place with bobby pins.

Cute Ideas for Medium-Length Hair