We often come across people whose sense fashion makes us laugh. You could possibly end been a laughing too if you don’t get your fashion style on point.Many times it’s little things that stand in the way of you becoming a fashionista.

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Check out these list we compiled for you:

1. Excessive glitter


As a rule, rhinestone designs call for an appropriate occasion. Everyday and sporty apparel with an abundance of fake jewels will make any fashion connoisseur cringe.

2. Clashing prints

clashing prints

Polka dots + stripes = one of many unfortunate combinations. Floral, geometric, and other eye-catching prints need to stand alone.

How to: Mix a print with something similar or solid colors for a winning combo

3.  Buy big or don’t buy

fashion photos

Some things are meant to be expensive and do not have a cheaper version. Most often this applies to fabrics. The rule of thumb here is if you can’t afford a quality item it’s better to not buy it at all. Take lace, for instance. Inexpensive lace items start showing signs of wear and tear very quickly and will reflect their owner’s status.

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4. Odd colors

fashion news

Blazing neon colors are great for a disco party or at Halloween, but any attempt to incorporate them into a stylish outfit will fail.

If your affection for bright things can’t be helped, at least try to tone down the intensity of your wardrobe’s colors.

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5. Wearing fine jewelry

fashion trends

To be precise, it is not wearing fine jewelry itself that hurts your look but its quantity and relevance to the occasion. Especially when you wear pieces made from precious metals along with costume jewelry. That won’t do your image any good.