5 Foods You Need To Promote Your Hair. Long hair is very attractive and it’s something lots of women want to have. Have you ever considered that apart form shampoos, masks, and other things women do to promote hair growth, a change in nutrition will also help hair grow more quickly? Let’s find out!

Learn the secret in the five foods outlined below:

1. Salmon

Hair foods
The omega-3 fatty acids contained in this fish strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

2. Oysters

Oysters photos
Oysters are a goldmine of zinc, due to which hair grows faster and gets shiny. An oyster a day more than compensates the daily need of this element.

3. Chicken

roasted chicken
Chicken is rich in animal protein, and we need it for the production of keratin — the substance the hair shaft is made up of by 80%. Protein deficiency for only 2-3 months leads to a halt in hair growth as well as hair loss.

4. eggs

eggs image
Eggs contain necessary elements for hair growth and maintenance of normal hair condition, such as protein and biotin.

5. Almonds

Almonds foods
Almonds contain vitamin E, which activates hair growth and strengthens the hair. 30 grams of almonds (about 15-20 nuts) contains 70% of the daily norm.

5 Foods You Need To Promote Your Hair