5 Foods That 1 Dollar Can Buy You Across The World

Foods That 1 Dollar Can Buy

If you want to travel around the world, then you should know you need money to achieve that. Traveling has been the hobby for some and some also travel around the world and make money out of it so which one are you? Well, buying food has never been a cheap thing, especially when you are someone who consumes a lot of food.

Well, if you don’t have enough money during your trip, we’ve managed to name 5 foods which you can easily buy for only $1.

Check them out and spread the news!

#1. USA

what can $1 buy around the world
With just a dollar, you can get a pizza slice.

#2. Hungary

things you can buy for a dollar
You can get this delicious Kürtőskalács in Hungary for as low as $1.

#3. South Korea

fast food dollar menus 2018
Enjoy this sumptuous vegetable kimbap rolls in South Korea for only $1.

#4. Indonesia

what can i buy for a dollar food
Visiting Indonesia without much cash? Don’t worry, with just $1, you can have this decent ‘Bubur Ayam’, a chicken dish with enough toppings to satiate your belly.

#5. Peru

You can still enjoy a decent Peruvian dish for only $1 and that is ‘Aji-de-Gillani’ or ‘chicken with sauce’ dressed with a boiled egg, black olives, and rice.

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