The death of Kofi Annan has brought back memories of great men our dear country has lost into the cold arms of death in the year 2018.

Below is a list of 5 Ghanaian statesman who died in 2018.

1. K. B Asante

His death came as a big blow on the faces of Ghanaians at the beginning of 2018.
Kwaku Bapuri Asante, was a Ghanaian politician,  a diplomat and a writer.  His sudden death occurred on January 22,2018 at age 93. He once served as a secretary to the first president of Ghana and his works has indeed projected Ghana.

2. Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur

He was the former vice president of the republic and his death was mind blowing to Ghanaians. He died on a fruitful morning when he had hit the gym to keep fit, he collapsed and was rushed to the 37 military hospital and that was the end of his journey in earth.

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He died on June 29, 2018. He was an economist, a politician and served as a governor for bank of Ghana.

3. J. H Mensah

He  died on July 12,2018. J. H Mensah was a great politician who suffered stroke before he kicked the bucket. He was the senior minster during the kuffour adminstration from 2005-2006.

4. Kofi Annan

His death brought back all the memories of these great men in recent times. Kofi Annan died in Switzerland where he suffered a short illness. The late Diplomat died on August 18,2018. He is best known as a peacekeeper and indeed Ghana has lost a Nobel peace prize holder.

5. VCRA C Crabbe

His death is the last among these prominent men, he died on September 7,2018. He was a professor of law at the Mountcrest University College in Accra before he gave away his last breath.

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