5 Great Art Ideas To Decorate Your Room. If you have always look for inexpensive way to add ‘colour’ to your room, then here’s something we gathered for you.

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Ultimately you’ll be amazed by how your talent in art can make living room come alive.

1. A Button Tree

5 great art ideas

All you have to do is draw a trunk and decorate the branches with any old colorful buttons you have lying around. See how it’s done here.

2. Duct Tape Patterns

5 great art ideas

You can easily make this vivid painting by creating geometrical patterns the duct tape, and then painting each blank area in a different color.

3. A World Map

World Map

Now here’s a magnificent idea: a printed map transferred onto wood with the help of carbon paper. If you have some leftover planks, try it!

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4. Giving Old Photos New Life

Great ideas to decorate your room

Have you got old photos you don’t want anymore, but don’t really want to throw them out? Or maybe, you have too many copies of old photos? Then attach them to wooden letters, as shown here, and make an inscription that will bring joy to your family every time they see it.

5. Paint Splatters

Using paint and an ordinary hair dryer, you can create wonderfully vivid paintings and have a lot of fun, as has been done here!

  Paint Splatters

 5 Great Art Ideas To Decorate Your Room

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