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5 Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

5 Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

5 Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf. A scarf, without doubts is an indispensable accessory if you want to quickly change your unique image. We have five great ideas to help your wear kerchiefs and light scarves in a fashionable way.

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Before you start tying your kerchief or scarf, put your hair in a bun, and then wrap the scarf around your head so that the knot is in the front. Now all you have to do is tuck the loose ends inside of the wrap.

2. Traditional

Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

The traditional way to wear your scarf or kerchief is not in the least out of fashion today. If your headwear is large, better make a loose tie on the neck, and if it’s a small one, then wear it like they did in the 70’s.

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3. Pirate style

Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

An easy way to tie your headband is “pirate style,” like a bandanna. It will protect you from the sun on hot days and go magnificently with sunglasses.

4. 70’s kerchief

Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

Tying your scarf like this isn’t hard at all. First put it on your head, then criss-cross its loose ends under your chin, and loosely tie them behind the neck.

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5. Turban

Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

The simplest way to tie your kerchief like this is to treat it like a towel you tie after washing your head: bend forward, make a tight strap out of the kerchief’s ends, and tuck it under the free side behind the head.

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5 Great Ways To Tie Your Scarf

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