5 Laws Queen Elizabeth Can Decide To Break And Not Get Punished


As we all know, Queen Elizabeth II is a dignified monarch and everyone sees her as a role model. Queen Elizabeth is someone whom you’ll expect to obey rules and laws governing a country, well that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Queen Elizabeth II can decide to break some rules and laws and no one can punish her and we’ve listed 5 of such. Check out a list of the craziest laws that the Queen can break and still walk around freely.

#1. She Doesn’t Need To Follow Speed Limits

Laws Queen Elizabeth Can Decide To Break

Queen Elizabeth can decide to over speed and not get punished by anyone but of course she’s a dignified monarch so she she doesn’t break that law.

#2. She Doesn’t Need A Driving License

Everyone around the world needs a driving license before they can drive but Queen Elizabeth II can drive without a driving license, no one will punish her for that.

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#3. The Queen Doesn’t Need A Passport

does the queen approve laws

You can’t travel around the world without your passport but hey, the Queen doesn’t need that piece of booklet. She’s free to travel anywhere in the world without a passport.

#4. She Doesn’t Have To Pay Taxes

is the royal family exempt from the law
Every citizen in UK is expected to pay taxes but the Queen is not obligated to pay taxes.

#5. No One Can Sue Her

rules of queen elizabeth
Legally, no one can sue the Queen neither can she be prosecuted. Isn’t that cool? Well, I’m sure anyone reading this would wish to be in the shoes of the Queen, so do I!

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