5 Money Saving Hacks That Will Help You Immensely

simple money saving hacks

Life hacks, in plain definition are tricks to improve your life in terms of productivity and efficiency. Considering how life has become even in  the face of determination and persistence, it’s paramount to arm yourself with these tricks to life worthwhile.

1. Eat neighbours’ food for free

money saving hacks 2018

Yes, there are lots of apps that give you food freebies. Examples are sonic and diary queen. These apps link you up with neighbours who have surplus grub to give away. Once you’ve found something you fancy, you simply request it and if successful go and pick it up.

2. Turn your phone into a free sat-nav for 196 countries

money saving hacks for students

If it’s got GPS, convert it into a free sat-nav for the UK and 195 other countries. Plus you can download maps in advance on Wi-Fi to avoid pricey data costs (especially useful if heading abroad).

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3. Out-of-season clothing

7 money saving life hacks

If you really want to save money, cultivate the habit of buying out-of-season clothes. Buy winter clothes during spring and summer seasons. Buy summer clothes during fall and winter seasons. Also avoid buying in December when the demands for products are higher than the supply and when that happens it result in higher prices.

4. Fashionable cloth diapers

money saving hacks 2017

In case you don’t know, disposable diapers drain your finances and it’s wise to apply brakes on them. While it is more convenient to use disposable diapers but be prudent and use reusable ones.

5. Free haircut

simple money saving hacks

This might sound awkward but yeah-if you want to save money, be your own barber especially if you are the type who doesn’t care what style of haircut you have. Buy an electric razor, which costs around $20 – $30, and use that to cut or shave your hair. Ask your partner to help you with it. What do you think?

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