5 Most Charming Small Towns Around The World You’ll Want To Visit This Year

Most Charming Small Towns Around The World

Travelling around the world has never been easy, especially when it comes to picking a worthy destination. Below are our top 5 destination picks of the world’s most amazing small towns to visit this year.

#1. Yangshou, China

best small towns in the world to live
Yangshuo, a county and resort town in southern China’s Guangxi region, is known for its dramatic karst mountain landscape and outdoor recreation. The town is set amid pinnacles like Bilian Feng (Green Lotus Peak), which has a hiking trail to the top. Tour boats offer cruises on the Li River past picturesque countryside from the town of Guilin to the north.

#2. Slavske, Ukraine

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Slavske this is an urban-type settlement in Skole Raion, Lviv oblast, Ukraine. It’s located 600 metres above sea level close to the city of Skole, 130 kilometres southwest of Lviv.

#3. Stalheim, Norway

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Stalheim is a village in the municipality Voss in Hordaland county, Norway. The small village lies along the European route E16 highway in the northeastern part of the municipality.

#4. Sedona, Arizona

smallest towns in the world
Sedona is believed to be a site of a mysterious energy field. The combination of clear blue sky, surreal red cliffs and deep green forest make this valley an enigmatic and magic place for most travelers and tourists. The town is near Flagstaff is noted for its mild climate and vibrant arts community. Uptown Sedona is dense with New Age shops, spas and art galleries. On the town’s outskirts, numerous trailheads access Red Rock State Park, which offers bird-watching, hiking and picnicking spots.

#5. Lagos, Portugal

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Lagos is a town in southern Portugal’s Algarve region. It’s known for its walled old town, cliffs and Atlantic beaches. Steep wooden steps lead to the sandy cove of Praia do Camilo. The nearby cliffs of Ponta de Piedade offer sweeping headland views and a lighthouse. Igreja de Santo António, an ornate 18th-century church, sits across from the Castelo dos Governadores, a castle with a baroque facade and watchtowers.

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