Everyone loves to take photos whenever they travel to a destination and it’s not a new thing at all.

Taking selfies and photographs helps you tell your folks and children that you’ve also visited such places in your lifetime. However, there are some places where taking pictures is strictly not allowed and I’ve named 5 of such places for safety precautions.

Check them out and stay safe!

#1. The Valley Of The Kings, Egypt

Places Where Taking Photos Is Absolutely Not Allowed

#2. Red Light District, Amsterdam

places you can't take pictures


#1. Bachkovo Monastery, Bulgaria

photography is not allowed


#3. Presidential Palace, UAE

photography is not allowed

#5. Taj Mahal, India

photography is not allowed

Don’t try to take pictures at any of these places, they’ll simply smash your expensive camera or smartphone without apology.

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Helpful Safety Tips For Travellers