There are a number of places on this Earth that most people have never heard of not to talk of even visiting those places. We at always try to discover and share with you new places on earth that you should dare visit once in your life.

Life’s short and you need to tour the world before your maker calls you and today, we’ve gathered pictures of 5 places on earth that people are scared to visit.

Check them out…

#1. East Rennell, Solomon Islands

East Rennell, Solomon Islands

The tribes and locals of this island are said to be – Headhunters. Would you dare visit?

#2. The Ise Grand Shrine

Places People Are Not Allowed To Visit

This Japanese shrine is prohibited for the general public, only members of the imperial Japanese family can visit this shrine.

#3. Metro – 2

places you aren't allowed to visit

This undergrounds metro service is located in Moscow, Russia. It was created to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.

#4. The Lascaux Cave

secret places on earth impossible to visit

This scary mysterious cave is located in the southern France. It has been closed to the public since 1963 and only a few scientists are allowed to visit it.

#5. The North Sentinel Island

Places People Are Not Allowed To Visit

This island is inhabited by the Sentinelese tribe. The Sentinelese are extremely protective of this island and they are far far behind the modern world. The scary part is that the inhabitants are headhunters.

So would you dare visit any of this scary locations in the world? Let us know which!

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