ChapStick is an absolute necessity item you’ll definitely find in every woman’s luggage, it’s like they never feel complete without their chapstick.

One of its principle objects is to shield our lips from different outer factors, for example, cool climate. In any case, it turns out there are some other novel uses for lip balms that many don’t know about.

We at Vibelens as usual have uncovered the 5 best ways of utilizing lip analgesic other than for recuperating dry lips.

#1. Blisters


Your shoes can sometimes cause blisters on your feet and if this happens, simply apply some lip balm to the spot that irritates you.

#2. Removing A Stuck Ring

Removing A Stuck Ring
Those who wear rings know how difficult it is to remove their ring sometimes, especially when you put on some weight years after you probably bought your wedding ring. To simply remove your ring, use your ChapStick. Coat the whole ring with the balm , and it’ll become much easier to remove.

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#3. Minor Cuts And Insect Bites

Minor Cuts And Insect Bites
With the presence of moisturizing and soothing properties in ChapStick, it can help reduce skin redness, relieve itching and speed up healing process on minor cuts or insect bites.

#4. Making Perfume Last Longer

Apply chapstick to where you applied your perfume and it will make the fragrance last longer and stronger.

#5. Soothing A Sore Nose

Over wiping your nose due cold causes chafed skin around or inside the nose. Simply run a finger over your of lip balm and apply it to the bothered spot. ChapStick will saturate the skin and help mending. Be that as it may, don’t utilize menthol ChapStick as it might cause tingling.

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