5 Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

People with dimples really attract attention and ooze much aura. But believe or not, dimples are nothing but indentations or deformities in the facial muscles. 5 Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

Yeah, it turns out to be a flaw but nature invariably embellished it to make it an indispensable accessory to us .

Only few people have this deformity (remember it’s a deformity) so if you have been yearning to have one, we have compiled some simple techniques to help you achieve this without recourse to any surgical operation.

1. Facial exercise.

Facial exercise

A folk remedy, this method doesn’t guarantee dimples but a consistent exercise may help you achieve your desired look. Here are the steps to follow:

2. Suck yourcheeks in.

Suck yourcheeks in

Pucker your lips slightly and suck your cheeks in. Imagine you’ve just eaten something extremely sour, a lemon perhaps, and that face/expression is what you need to replicate. A little pout with cheeks sucked in is exactly what we are talking about.

3. Press and hold the indents on both the cheeks.

5 Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

Now locate the deepest part of the indentations on the cheeks; press and hold those spots on both the cheeks using index finger/thumb or the rounded end of a pencil, whatever is more comfortable for you.

4. Smile wide.

5 Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

Keeping your finger/pencil tightly in place, ease into a wide grin. Ensure your smile is open-mouthed and wide. The wider the smile, the better the appearance of the dimples.

Look into the mirror while doing this; your fingers should now be positioned near the corners of your smile, which is the place where ideally natural dimples occur. If you feel your fingertip or thumb or pencil (whatever you are using) is not very well placed, adjust the position by sliding it across the cheeks.

5. A temporary dimple is ready!

A temporary dimple is ready!

Release the finger and immediately click a selfie before this temporary dimple fades away. These forced dimples will vanish as soon as you relax that smile.

For a long-lasting result, continue holding the indents for at least 30 minutes. Repeat this exercise daily for half an hour or more but if you don’t see any results even after a month, you may want to give up on fake dimples and focus on better and more meaningful things in life. *wink*

5 Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

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