Smartphones are very smart but they aren’t going to be smart if you are not smart yourself because there are hidden smartphone tricks most people don’t know. Every smartphone has incredible and amazing features and tricks which only smart people are aware of but today, we at Vibelens want to share those tricks with you.

Read on as you find out 4 smartphone tricks that we bet you are not even aware of. Use it to surprise your family and friends.

1. Infrared Radiation Or Remote Serviceability

android hidden tricks
Pick up your tv remote and smartphone, start the camera on your phone and point the remote at the camera. Now press any button and you’ll see a red light if your remote control batteries work well. This mostly works at night.

2. Take Amazing Photos

mobile tricks app
Even if you are not good at taking amazing photos when traveling, your smartphone can come to your aid. Simply switch on panoramic mode on your phone’s camera, and hold your device on one and the same plane.

In the same panoramic mode, you can take pictures of yourself as a twin, no need for photoshop. Simply let your phone take control of the phone’s camera and when he or she starts moving the camera, you should run as fast as “Flash“to the other side of the panorama. It’s as simple as that.

3. Create An Ultraviolet Flashlight

smartphone tricks
Take your smarphone and make sure the flash setting is on, get a sticky transparent tape, blue and purple markers. Now stick one layer of the transparent tape over the flash, and color it with the blue marker. Then stick one more layer of tape, and paint it blue again and the third layer of the tape should be painted purple. Now you can use your camera to take interesting photos in the dark, you can even see germs.

4. Add And Enable Guest Mode

smartphone magic tricks
If you usually share your phone with family and friends but still need to maintain some private stuffs on your phone, then do this. Swipe down from the top of the quick settings panel, tap your avatar, and choose “Add guest” to enable the feature, now select all the functions that your “guest” can perform. Unfortunately, this function is available only for smartphones operating Android 5.0 or newer.

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