There are some etiquettes passengers need to observe when they board a flight and it’s all in your best interest to know those etiquettes.

There are some activities flight attendants won’t tell you not to do but after reading this piece, you’ll know how to behave when you’re on a flight traveling.

1. Getting Drunk

Don’t ever try getting drunk when you’re on board a flight, you can however get drunk and messy if you want flight attendants to hate you.

2. Wrong Timing

Don’t hand a flight attendant trash or ask them to take your trash while they’re handing out food.

3. Asking, ‘What Do You Have?’

There is always an announcement telling passengers where to find the menu so don’t go asking a flight attendant what they have, it’s annoying.

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4. Touching Flight Attendants To Get Their Attention

A flight attendant is not your spouse so you must avoid touching any part of their body just to get their attention when you need help.

Going Barefoot

Don’t walk into the restroom barefoot, or even with socks on.

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