6 Modern Wallpaper Designs For Your Walls. Wallpapers have been way to enhance walls of people homes. It has become fashion and trending nowadays as many prefer wallpapers to painting their walls. Wallpapers give life to rooms and attract the eyes of anyone who visits you. We have some list of wallpaper designers. You will just love their wall art.

     1.  Graham and Brown

Modern Wallpaper Designs

Beautiful wallpapers actually add life to any room and Graham and Brown has been a fashionable way to enhance the walls of your home. Harold Graham and Henry Brown founded this business in 1946.

     2.  Marimekko

Modern Wallpaper Designs

This brand began in 1951. The Marimekko give references to nature with bright colors. Get marimekko to match your taste, preference and style.

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     3.  Sanderson

Modern Wallpaper Designs

Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand that was founded by Arthur Sanderson 1860. Sanderson is a manufacturer of designer fabric, wallpaper, trimmings, paint and home accessories.

     4.  Orla kiely

Orla kiely

Do you want an inspirational design and a quality wallpaper? Then go for Orla Kiely wallpaper, a designer of most iconic materials with traditional and contemporary designs.

     5.  Morris & Co

Morris & Co

Morris & Co was established by William Morris in 1861. William Morris legacy continues up to date. Get your authentic fabric and wallpapers from Morris & Co and you will love it.

     6.  Harlequin


If you want an exuberant wallpaper, there is not better brand of wallpaper than Harlequin. Your stunning wallpapers are just right here at Harlequin.

6 Modern Wallpaper Designs For Your Walls