7 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings That You Have To See


7 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings That You Have To See. Watercolor is difficult to work with and painters often ignore them for other substitutes. This is why we became surprise these paintings you will find below were actually done with a watercolor. The paintings are so good that, you might wish you have one hanging in your room right now.

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Emotional realism of Steve Hanks’ paintings

 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

There is one common thing in most of Hanks’ paintings — he always leaves the faces turned away or obscured. This is done for the sake of expressing emotions and making the body ’speak.’ ’I have always tried to show the world only positive moments of life. I believe that my works bring joy, peace, and comfort in the lives of the viewers,’ Hanks says.

Rainy watercolor paintings by Lin Ching-Che

 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

The talented artist Lin Ching-Che is only 27 years old. Autumn rain inspires him. Overcast city streets don’t cause depression and sadness, but the desire to paint. Lin Ching-Che works with watercolors, praising the beauty of cities on rainy days with multi-colored water.

The charm of Paris in the works of Thierry Duval