7 Best Ways to Save Money


The gap between the rich and poor kept widening at an alarming rate. No matter the condition you find yourself, there’s something prudent you can do to cut down on unwanted expenditures and at least get saved you extra money.

Try these seven steps and you’ll see an improvement in your finances.

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1. Stop smoking

how to save money from salary
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Smoking is detrimental to health and what more it wastes money.

2. Reduce your bills

ways to save money on a tight budget
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Ask your service providers if they have bundled services or unlisted discounts that you can use to save money.

3. Work for yourself

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Being an entrepreneurial can go a long way to solve your financial problem. Not everyone who opens their own business are successful, the ones who are it’s mostly based on their attitude and work style-bear that in mind.

4. Reuse items

how to save money from salary
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Learn how to reuses certain household items like disposable plates and cups. It helps to save money!

5. Don’t impulse shop

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It is wise to only go shopping when you have money in your pocket and after all bills are paid. Don’t buy on impulse. Impulse buying drains one’s pocket more than anything else.

6. Put it in the bank

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Do you have 3 months income saved for an emergency? Do you have money saved for a medical emergency? If not stop spending and save.

7. Walk or cycle instead of driving

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Yeah! try it and see how much you’ll save!

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