7 Unbelievable Facts You Didn’t Know About The Stunning Water Birth

water birth

Foremost, water birth is the process where a pregnant woman gives birth in a pool of warm water.

So here are 7 facts I’ve rounded up that you probably didn’t know about water birth.

● People believe that water birth is a more relaxed and less painful experience when it comes to giving birth.

● The safety of the baby is an issue as studies show water birth during stage one doesn’t improve you or your baby’s medical outcome.


● Water birth is known to reduce labor pain because the cervix is fully dilated as the warmth of the water produces a sedative effect.

● Water birth also reduces the risk of tearing because the hormones that cause stress or anxiety see a dip in this method of giving birth.

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● There are special birth pools designed for water births so consult a doctor before deciding to give birth in a pool.


● Your baby’s body temperature could be too high or too low so always consult a specialist doctor.

● There could be chances of infections but with the presence of a specialist doctor and a midwife, they could overcome this issue.

Water birth could be more expensive as compared to a hospital birth which gives you insurance.

You may be required to rent the tub, which may be cost you an extra $200 to $400 according to specialists.