Sometimes we accomplish great tasks with just a little money. And when it comes to giving your apartment a whole new look, money won’t be the determining factor, as this article will prove to you.

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All that’s required is your imagination and creativity, just like these simple ideas we have gathered for you.

Braiding will add elegance to ordinary curtains.

curtains in apartments

A plain white refrigerator can be transformed into a designer model with the aid of decorative tape.

refrigerator photos

Mirrors on doors help to give the impression of more living space.

Apartment pics

You can decorate your shower curtain with ribbons.

shower curtain

Multi-coloured, transparent curtains can really brighten things up.

transparent curtains

Old lampshades or fastenings can be used as curtain holders.

Old lampshades

A cake stand will give your bathroom a vintage look.

Bathroom photos

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