7 Largest Animals In The World


This planet earth is filled with various animals, small, large, slow, fast, ugly and innocent looking animals of various species but what is the largest animal in the world?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the largest animal on earth? If yes then we are Vibelens has got an answer for your question. We have listed the largest animals in the world, classified by various categories such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians etc.

Here’s the amazing list of largest animals in the world!

1. Blue Whale

Blue Whale


It is the largest animal of all time, reaching a weight of about 180 tonnes (198 US tons) and a length of 30m (98′). It is said their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant and their hearts as much as a car so you can imagine.

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2. Elephant



An elephant can weigh up to 6,350kg (7tons) and are typically 10.6m (35ft) from trunk to tail with a shoulder height of 4.2m (almost 13′).

3. Giraffe



At a height of 5.8 m, the giraffe is considered the tallest living animal on earth and weigh approximately 2tonnes (2.2 US tons).

4. Brown Bear

Brown Bear


It is the largest living land carnivores, weighing a whopping 1 ton (907kg)and 3m (10′) tall when standing on their hind legs.

5. Whale Shark

Whale Shark


It is the largest living fish! They are around 13.5m (44′) long and weigh in at 22tonnes (24US tons).

6. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile


The saltwater crocodile has a length of 5 m (16′). It is the largest living reptile.

7. Chinese Salamander

Chinese Salamander


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The Chinese alamander weighs about 64 kg (140lbs) and typically about 1.8m (6′) long.

7 Largest Animals In The World

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