Tidying up has never been so straightforward and quick — you should simply recall these simple steps we at Vibelens have found for you. With these 7 simple, easy and fast house cleaning tricks, you’ll never feel bored of tidying up your house ever again.

#1. Taps And Sinks

Taps And Sinks


To always keep the surfaces clean and shiny, wipe them with waxed paper or a cooking sheet.

#2. Mopping



If your old mpo gets damaged, simply fix a warm terry socks to the mopping handle and enjoy your mopping.

#3. Baking Dishes

Baking Dishes


Rub a small amount of kitchen salt into the baking dish and wipe it with a paper towel, the dough will easily come off.

#4. Stoves



Simply use an oil-soaked mop to wipe the stains and splotches on your stove and then wipe it clean with a dry one mop. You’ll be amazed at the end result.

#5. A Scorched Pan?

A Scorched Pan?


Empty a little water into the dish, include some vinegar, at that point heat up the blend. When it begins to stew, take it off the stove and include some soda, at that point spill out the water when the response stops. On the off chance that a portion of the singes remain, precisely rub some sod into the pan.

#6. Polishing The Iron


Put a sheet of parchment on a wooden cutting board, then spray it copiously with salt. Turn on the iron, let it heat, and move it energetically over the salt for a minute.

#7. Cleaning Out A Sink Pipe


Blend equivalent amounts of soda and salt, at that point empty it into the pipe. Presently pour some vinegar in too, and wash everything with bubbling water after 15 minutes.

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