7 Things You Better Stop Doing If You Want to Be Richer. We all thrive for the best with the ultimate objective of being rich. To be rich demands lot of hard work and determination. This is is just one of the many ingredients which obviously separate the rich from the poor.

According to researcher Tom Corley, who studied the differences between the habits of rich people and those who don’t have much money, what separate the two groups lie in their attitude. We have gathered the these habits to help you unleash your potential and walk on the path of greatness.

1.  Not paying attention to your health

7 Things You Better Stop Doing

Wealthy people devote a lot of time to their health. This includes visits to the doctor, a healthy lifestyle, sports (76% of successful people do physical exercises 4 times a week), a balanced diet, and the absence of bad habits. Among those who have a low income, only 13% see a connection between good health and success.

 2. Not taking risks

Things You Better Stop Doing

Only 6% of poor people agreed to take a risk to improve their financial situation. And more than 50% of the rich people who took part in the experiment agreed to take the same risk. More than that, many rich people noticed that at least once in their lives taking risks led to big failures, but they tried to move on instead of fixating on them.

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3. Watching reality shows

reality shows

Among people who are not rich, 78% love shows where viewers can watch the details of someone else’s private life. Among rich people, only about 6% watch reality shows. It is worth mentioning that rich people don’t like TV very much and many of them watch it for less than 1 hour a day. The same goes for the internet: successful people spend less than an hour surfing the net unless it has something to do with work.

4. Not reading a lot

Not reading a lot

“Not reading means not thinking,” Dostoyevsky once said. 88% of rich people agree with the writer. They read books about self-development, professional materials, and historical literature for at least 30 minutes a day. Only 2% of poor people devote this much time to reading.

5. Waking up late

Waking up late photos

More than half of the businessmen with high incomes observed by Tom Corley woke up at least 3 hours before the start of their working day, which is at about 5 a.m. They spend the time in the morning planning the things they need to do, working on their personal projects (if they work for big companies), and doing sports.

Many successful people take 10-15 minutes to meditate or simply think about something in silence. Waking up early doesn’t mean not sleeping enough. 89% of wealthy people sleep from 7 to 8 hours a night, and they go to sleep at the recommended time: between 9 and 10 p.m.

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 6. Communicating with toxic people

Communicating with toxic people

96% of people who live paycheck to paycheck know someone who loves gossiping or complaining about their lives. Successful people communicate with those who are not negative but, quite the opposite, those who inspire them to do something. You can easily increase the number of such people around you by visiting cultural events, doing volunteer work, or being a member of a nonprofit organization. And you should spend all your time on yourself until you meet people worth your time.

7. Spending too much

Spending too much

Most poor people spend much more than they earn. You probably know people who buy expensive cars, phones, and other things on credit, even though they can’t afford them and don’t really need them. Wealthy people usually stick to this system of income distribution:

  • 20% — saving accounts
  • 25% — paying the rent or the mortgage
  • 15% — food
  • 10% — entertainment
  • 5% — car service
  • The rest of the money is spent on such non permanent things as clothes, medicine, and education.

7 Things You Better Stop Doing If You Want to Be Richer

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