The influx of smartphones have made life easier. They are literally inseparable from humans and to some of us, a day without our cell phone is tantamount to suicide.

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Smartphones, are not mere communication tools, it has varied awesome features which complement our daily routines.

Unfortunately, not many us are familiar with these things and that’s why we are doing this article. To unlock your phone’s full potential, you will need to download and install some awesome apps.

Take a look at some of them and make the best of them.

1. Goodlook


GoodLook is a mobile guide to a trendy lifestyle that gives you useful tips on fashion and beauty. Using it, you will always know what to wear and how to combine your clothing items, keeping up with the latest trends. Every day the app offers new and awesome looks for both men and women designed by professional stylists.

2. Remote Mouse

remote mouse for smartphones

With this app you can easily turn your smartphone into a remote control for your PC. This is especially useful when you need to make a presentation or watch a movie but your mouse or keyboard is low on battery.

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3.  AppDetox

AppDetox images

This app helps you decrease your mobile phone use. It can block access to any program for a certain time period. Thus, you are able to focus on work or studying instead of being distracted by you phone.

4. Moovit

 moovit info

Moovit is one of the best transit apps in the world today, trusted by over 30 million users in more than 800 cities. With a new city added every 24 hours, the app offers the most robust and precise public transit information. Because public transportation is highly unpredictable, Moovit constantly updates the line schedules and tracks changes in public transit services.

5.  Marvin

Marvin App

Marvin is a handy eBook reader for those who are passionate about reading. Apart from standard features like choosing background and font colors, it also has an incredible artificial intelligence engine that allows you to discover amazing things about a book’s author, characters, history and even more. The table of contents, bookmarks, highlights and the glossary are placed in a separate window. Marvin will sort your books by title, author, series, serial number, date changed or read.

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6. Cool Reader

Cool Reader App

Cool reader is one of the best reading tools for Android smartphones. It supports a whole range of file formats including fb2, epub (без DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (without DRM), pml. Here the user can customize the text size, font, background color, page margins, adjust line spacing and the brightness of the screen. You can also use the handy table of contents, titles and text search options.

7. Layout

Layout instagram

Introduced by Instagram, Layout enables you to create unique, fun photo collages and share them with your friends. Limitless freedom of creativity is what filters and other awesome tools from this app really offer. For spontaneous moments, you can use the Photo Booth option on your smartphones. Tap it to capture photos that you’ll instantly see in a layout.

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