A parent who knows how to adapt to his kids boring moment is a super-parent indeed. Children can be emotional and when they become very moody, there’s something you have to do as a parent to entertain them.

Here are some great inexpensive ideas for keeping your kids entertained.

1. Use colored tape to make car tracks.

kids world images

2. Instead of multi-colored chalk, you can also use tape to make a game of hopscotch indoors.

To play hopscotch, you should first lay out the court on the ground. If you’re playing indoors, then use your colored tape. It will definitely keep your child busy.

3. Exploding plastic bags with paint will turn your sidewalks into colorful masterpieces.

kids art pics

4. Try painting on wet glue with food colorings. The result will surprise you.

kids pictures

5. Leftover bubble wrap, washable paint and a large piece of wallpaper.


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6. Create your own throwing tarp.

7. Build a tower out of cut up sponges.


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