7 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The eyes is one of the most attractive features of our image. And it’s an open secret when you have big eyes, you draw lots of attention to yourself because it makes you sexy.

Every girl dreams of having big and expressive eyes and that’s why we want share with you some secrets for how to make your eyes look bigger.

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1. Place the shades correctly.


Well-known makeup artist Sarah Lucero (among her clients are Katherine Heigl and Olivia Wilde) gives advice on how to give your face the “doe-eyed“ look. ”The most important thing is adding more color at the middle of the lash line. Focus on the middle part of the upper eyelid because this is the widest part of your eye shape. This will help to emphasize where you can create smoother and lighter lines along the upper eyelid.”

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2. Don’t be afraid to use bright eye pencils and eyeliners.


Try to experiment with blue or purple shades of eyeliner,” says makeup artist Laura Geller. Everything that seems bright can make the eyes look bigger. When used properly, these pencil colors give the eyes incredible depth.

3. For an open look, follow “the crease rule.”

Makeup artist Joanna Schlip, who works with Madonna and Angelina Jolie, explains “the crease rule,“ as everyone has this crease on their upper eyelid. ”Apply liner only up to the crease line. This will help you highlight your natural eye contour.” Click here to see more step-by-step instructions.

4. Beige shades add more naturalness to makeup.

To make the eyes look bigger without using a lot of eye shadows, apply pearl-colored eyeliner along the inner corner of the eye. Beige and brown eyeliners look more natural than pure white and shimmery ones.

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5   Contour the eyes for a bright look.


To give the eyes more expression, apply a light brown shadow to the upper and lower eyelids. Highlight the outer corner of the eye with light and pearl-colored shades. Don’t forget to apply white eye shadow under the eyebrow so you can make the eyes even brighter.

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