7 Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind And Release Stress. All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy-we all familiar with this popular saying. So there comes  time in your life when you duly have to take a break and ‘chill’ a little bit.

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If you want a stress free website to inspire you in that direction, look no further. We have gathered seven web resources to help you take your mind off work and concentrate on relaxing and stress-free activities.

1. Smile, and meow along with them

Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind

Catsoundboard is a simple and fun site for cat people. Point to any kitty picture and hear the sound of the cat meowing. This is also a great idea for teasing your cats, dogs, friends and family! Meow!

2. Relax your mind

Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind

Allolo knows how to wash your stress away! Sit back, put your headphones on, and pretend there’s no one around — listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the pleasant views.

3. Test your directing skills

Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind

On Incredibox you’ll have a chance to direct a controversial yet adorable choir of seven acapella singers. You choose a party for each of them, and you can also change the singers — the baton is in your hands.

4. Design your dream house

Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind

With the simple online Homestyler website, you can build your dream home, planning every detail down to the color of the curtains in the bedroom and the number of pillows on the couch.

5 Test the ’Mindreader’

Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind

Mindreader claims that it can read your thoughts and find out what you’re thinking about. Just think of a number and the Mindreader will try guessing it…Well, to be honest, it fails to do so very often, but it’s still fun!

6. Play some ’Lego’


Buildwithchrome gives you an incredible opportunity to go back to the sweet days of your childhood and play with Lego online. There is a plenty of virtual space in Google for all kinds of ’builders.’ Try it out, it’s so relaxing and fun.

7. Feed the fish

websites that will help you realx

Marios, the developer of Aquard, has that interactive 32-gallon fish-tank installed in his house. Three web cameras allow you to watch the aquarium life and even feed the fish. But only at certain time of the day: the fish are real, and overfeeding them can cause health problems.

7 Websites To Help You Relax Your Mind And Release Stress

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