7-Year-Old Boy Who Slept For 11 Successive Days Finally Wakes Up But Doctors Are Still Confused


Parents and doctors have been left confused after a 7-year-old boy slept for 11 successive days without waking up. Wyatt Thompson did finally wake up but doctors are still confused and can’t tell what actually caused it.

According to a report on odditycentral.com, Thompson attended his aunt’s wedding ceremony, came back tired and decided to sleep but never woke up until after 11 days. Thompson slept on Sunday after the wedding and on Monday morning when his mother tried waking him up, he was not responding.

According to his mother, she tried waking him up several times but he fell back to sleep even though he would open his eyes to show he wasn’t dead.

Thompson Dancing With His Aunt


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After sensing danger, she took him to a doctor, who immediately sent them to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, where he continued to sleep for 10 straight days.

When Thompson finally woke up from his 11 days sleep, he had trouble speaking and moving around and doctors are finding it difficult to know the circumstances that led to this bizarre sleep.

However, with the help of the medical staff and the support from his family, Thompson is making good progress to full recovery.