8 Reasons Why You Don’t Hear About Susan Boyle Anymore

Back in 2009, Susan Boyle was having a moment. She wowed the world on Britain’s Got Talent (all while putting Simon Cowell in his place). Boyle’s stunning rendition of the Les Misérables song “I Dreamed a Dream” launched her to instant stardom and an impressive career.

How impressive? Her debut album (with the same name as her breakout song) was the most popular of 2009. Her sophomore release The Gift in 2010 achieved similar success. Within a period of one year, she had the No. 1 album in the US and UK at the same time twice. No one else has accomplished that particular feat since The Beatles in 1969.

Despite her success, and despite continuing to sing and produce new music, Susan Boyle has fallen off the cultural radar in recent years. What could have caused this? Here are the reasons why you don’t hear about Susan Boyle anymore.


8. Loss of Family

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Fans tend to forget that celebrities are still regular people. And things like family tragedy can really set a career back.

In Boyle’s case, her sister Brigid died in 2015 suddenly from cancer. And Boyle was so affected that she pushed pause on her work at the time so she could properly mourn.

Susan Boyle had faced this before, as her mother, father, and other sister had all died before her musical debut. But it seemed the passing of a sister who was nearly 20 years older than her and was like a mentor was too much to handle.