It’s not everything that deserves to be thrown away. Most of the things we discard can turn out to be very useful if only we take a second look at them.

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Just look around our home and get inspired most these things we label as trash. We have collected 9 awesome ideas to breathe new life into old things.

1. Colorful button bowl

trash to treasure

2. Sewing supplies organizer

trash to treasure crafts

3. Awesome idea for gardeners

trash to treasure photos

4. Using an egg carton to store cupcakes

trash to treasure images

5. Using old T-shirts to crochet a rug

trash to treasure

6. Tabletop with broken plate mosaic

trash to treasure pics

7. Decorative paper cup garland lights

trash images

8. Floating cork keychain

trash to treasure pictures

9. Garden planter


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