9 Mesmerizing Movies With Crazy Plot Twists You Must See. Some movie plots are gripping. They put on the edge of your seats from the opening credits to the finishing one. You miss a scene, you miss the whole plot.

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And plot twists make movies and literary work amazing. Nothing comes as exciting than changing the direction of a movie midway when the viewer might think he/she’s figured the plot.

And over the years, some movies have had these mesmerizing plot twists that have made it enjoyable.

Vibelens takes a look at 9 of such movies.


Wild Things

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A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.


13 Sins

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A cryptic phone call sets off a dangerous game of risks for Elliot, a down-on-his luck salesman. The game promises increasing rewards for completing 13 tasks, each more sinister than the last.


Smokin’ Aces

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When a Las Vegas performer-turned-snitch named Buddy Israel decides to turn state’s evidence and testify against the mob, it seems that a whole lot of people would like to make sure.



Fracture mesmerizing movies
Source: Made In Atlantis

An attorney, intent on climbing the career ladder toward success, finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.



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An accomplished headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary.


American Hustle

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A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive partner Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild F.B.I. Agent, Richie DiMaso, who pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and Mafia.



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A man who loves games and theater invites his wife’s lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results.


Man On A Ledge

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As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion.

9 Mesmerizing Movies With Crazy Plot Twists You Must See

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