9 Things You Must Do Before 2018 Ends

Learn And Overcome Your Fears

The year 2018 is almost coming to an end and we know most people have already drawn their new year resolutions towards 2019 but it’s never too late to make some additions to the year 2018.  We at Vibelens know the importance of new year resolutions so we’ve made a list of 9 things we believe you must do before 2018 ends.

It’s not easy to accomplish a new year resolution that’s why we’ve made it simple for you, this new year resolutions should make you become a person you always wanted to be.

1. Travel Around The world

Travel Around The world


Travel to new places around the world, don’t pin yourself to just one location all your life, there’s a saying that “travel and see“. Travel and explore new cultures, learn different languages even if you can’t be perfect in learning them, make new friends and even new business partners.

2. Stay Healthy And Eat Healthy Foods

Stay Healthy And Eat Healthy Foods


Promise yourself that in 2018, you’ll eat on time, not only on time but eat healthy foods, take enough rest and also make sure you keep fit for a healthy mental and physical health.

3. Learn And Overcome Your Fears

Learn And Overcome Your Fears


Learning will not kill you that’s why you must always learn. In 2018, make sure you learn new things which you have never had the chance to learn. You can take an online course or even a physical course to improve yourself.

4. Drop That Bad Habit

Drop That Bad Habit


Know your weaknesses and drop that bad habit of yours, don’t carry it with you to the new year.

5. Manage Your Finances Well

Manage Your Finances Well


Don’t go about spending money on unnecessary things next year, it will play against you, try your best to always restrict yourself to whatever you spend your money on. Learn how to save because smart people save and know how to manage their finances well without incurring debts.

6. Make New Friends

Make New Friends


Don’t be a boring person in 2018, get out there and make new friends but make sure you don’t make bad friends. Befriend people who will make positive impact in your life.

7. Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating


We all have goals we want to achieve in this life but those goals cannot be achieved without putting our words into action. Don’t postpone what you must do today to tomorrow, take action now and don’t be lazy.

8. Give To Charity

Give To Charity


Try and give to charity, it’s not always you’ll expect to take, give and it shall be given unto you, even the Bible says it loves a cheerful giver.

You can form a group and give to the needy once every two months or once every month if you have the means, giving will not cripple you.

9. Be Bold, Take Risks

Be Bold, Take Risks


Learn how to be bold and take risks in whatever you do, taking risks is part of life because life itself is a risk. Precautions should be taken as well but if it’s worth it, then take that risk and don’t regret.

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