A Parrot Mimics A Group Of Cats Meow And Their Reaction Will Shock You

A Parrot Mimics A Group Of Cats ‘Meow And Their Reaction Will Shock You. Everyone is unique in their own way. And this is greatly manifested by the difference in the sound of our voices. This uniqueness extends to animals as well.


Every animal is noted for the sounds they make. Dogs bark. Cats meow. Sheep’s bleep. Bats screech. Antelopes snort. Rats queek and the list goes on and on.

However, the parrot? Parrot’s are one of the fastest learning animals around. They are known for the ease in which they can copy human voices, sounds, and whistles. But for cats? Not so much.

In the viral video below, a parrot threw on quite a show when he decided to mimic something other than a plain-old human. Surrounded by three cuddly kittens, this bird was inspired to take things in an entirely different direction. He did something the kitties could never have expected: he meowed like a cat!

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This bird definitely wowed his kitten friends with his fascinating ability.

Check this unusual development in the video below, Parrot Mimics

Video Credit: YouTube/Animal Awesome

A Parrot Mimics A Group Of Cats ‘Meow And Their Reaction Will Shock You.

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