A Simple Way Of Making A Snake Trap. We can confidently say snakes are the scariest reptiles-the mere mention of their names is enough to evoke lots of fear in lots of people.

It is not just about how they look which sends the chills down the spine but also their capacity to inflict injuries or even fatalities.

We know you don’t like this creepy creatures so we have the perfect idea as to how trap them. You don’t have to be afraid as some snakes are completely harmless.

However whether poisonous otherwise, getting rid of them from your immediate environment is your primary motive.

There are several methods in catching them using traps. In this article, we would show you how to tarp them using a simple wooden trap.

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Using Wooden Box Trap

A Simple Way Of Making A Snake Trap

You opt for this method if you have a bigger snake problem, whether it be inside your house (such as in your basement), or anywhere outside.

Basically, it is a large wooden box which has bait inside which attracts the snake. When the snake goes into the box, it closes on the snake, which effectively traps it inside.

The benefit of a box trap is that it is easy to see when a snake is caught (will be visible from the outside) and it is very humane.

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How To Dispose It

Simply relocate the entire box, open it up and let the reptile go free at a designated location.

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Watch video on how to make the box:

A Simple Way Of Making A Snake Trap

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