Top 100 Powerful Aerospace Companies – Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

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Aerospace is the physical effort in science, technology, engineering, and commercial activity to fly in space (space) and above Earth (astronautical) air (aerospace). Aerospace companies conduct research, develop, build, operate, repair, design or maintain space and aerial vehicles. It also includes aerospace applications, such as space exploration, surveillance, weather modification, communication, navigation, scientific research, aeronautical design, and transportation.


Aerospace research and development have resulted in various forms of aviation such as passenger jets, military transport and military aircraft. The aerospace industry also employs thousands of people. There are several aerospace companies in Bangalore, India that have emerged over the last few decades.


In India there are a number of aerospace manufacturing companies that are specialized in various fields like military aircraft, civilian aircraft, commercial aircraft, space exploration and space vehicles. These companies are also engaged in providing various services related to aerospace and defense industries.


The aerospace company in Bangalore is a very important part of Indian industry as it offers a lot to the country. With its advanced technologies, aerospace manufacturing is the main component of the aerospace industry. The aerospace companies in Bangalore provide a good market for other manufacturing units as well, so there is high scope for expansion.


Aerospace companies are involved in designing, manufacturing, building, delivering and repairing space and aerial vehicles. They also offer technical support to their customers. Many aerospace companies in Bangalore are involved in research and development, which involve space and aerial vehicles, space-based systems, sensors and satellites. This research and development is required to provide different applications for future space and aerial vehicle use. This research is carried out through various avenues, including satellite imaging, space physics, aerodynamics, electromagnetic energy, radio waves, lasers, and computer programs.


The aerospace company in Bangalore also plays an important role in communications. A lot of space and aerial vehicle research is done by the aerospace companies in Bangalore. They are involved in satellite television as well as radio communication systems. through satellites, which are essential in providing telecommunication services. Many aerospace companies in Bangalore offer satellite television as well as television channels.


The aerospace sector is also very important in defence. There are many aerospace companies in Bangalore that offer a wide variety of military and civilian aircraft and defence products. This sector has become very important in defence and security sectors of India. The military and security industry is involved in making fighter planes, helicopters, naval vessels, missiles and other similar military hardware. As a result, the aerospace companies in Bangalore are one of the major exporters of defence products in India.


The aerospace companies in India are also engaged in designing, manufacturing, constructing, launching rockets and space vehicles. These companies are also engaged in other space research activities. The aerospace industry in India provides various services for communication and navigation, as well as in designing various components for different types of vehicles and satellites.


The Indian aerospace sector has got a lot of progress in the recent past. Due to the growth in the demand for space and aerospace products, this sector is expected to expand in the near future, creating an impact in the global marketplace.


The aerospace companies in India are also involved in research and development of military and space vehicles. This has resulted in the development of new technologies that have revolutionized the defence and space markets in the present. The Indian aerospace sector is very much capable of providing space and aeronautic solutions.


In the aerospace industry, there is a high demand for innovative and new technologies, so that the products can be introduced into the market quickly without any delays. Thus, this industry is in need of new and innovative products and techniques to provide effective aerospace services. The new products that are developed in the aerospace industry can help to make the use of space and aerial vehicles more effective and efficient. thus it is very necessary to introduce these products into the market, so that they can be used by all.

Aerospace Companies

The aerospace industry is one of the major industrial segments of the Indian economy. The industry of the aerospace sector is growing very fast and there is a great need for skilled professionals and numerous graduates.

  1. Boeing $86.6 billion 86%
  2. Airbus $78.7 billion 59%   68%
  3. Lockheed Martin $45.4 billion 83%
  4. United Technologies $33.1 billion 58%
  5. Northrop Grumman $4.7 billion 71%
  6. Raytheon $23.7 billion 55%
  7. General Electric $21.9 billion 86%
  8. Finmeccanica $19.4 billion 31%
  9. Safran $17.5 billion 62%
  10. Rolls-Royce $14.5 billion 84%
  11. Honeywell $12.0 billion 52%
  12. BAE Systems $10.6 billion 76%
  13. L-3 $10.2 billion 48%
  14. General Dynamics $10.0 billion 48%
  15. Bombardier $9.4 billion 61%
  16. Textron $8.96 billion 82%
  17. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries $6.86 billion 40%
  18. Precision Castparts $6.56 billion 43%
  19. Embraer $6.24 billion N/A
  20. Dassault Aviation $6.10 billion 68%
  21. Spirit Aerosystems $5.96 billion 40%
  22. Thales $5.91 billion 68%
  23. Zodiac $5.17 billion 59%
  24. MTU Aero Engines $4.97 billion 43%
  25. Rockwell Collins $4.61 billion 50%
  26. Ishikawajima-Harima $4.16 billion 41%
  27. Alcoa $4.0 billion 54%
  28. Triumph $3.76 billion 38%
  29. Harris $3.68 billion 55%
  30. Israel Aerospace $3.64 billion 40%
  31. AVIC $3.59 billion 13%
  32. GKN $3.51 billion 53%
  33. B/E Aerospace $3.48 billion 51%
  34. Alliant Techsystems $3.23 billion 54%
  35. Kawasaki Heavy Industries $2.88 billion 51%
  36. Cobham $2.80 billion 64%
  37. Exelis $2.60 billion 63%
  38. Hindustan Aero $2.60 billion 41%
  39. Meggitt $2.56 billion 39%
  40. Elbit Systems $2.52 billion 36%
  41. Teledyne $2.34 billion 47%
  42. Parker Hannifin $2.27 billion 70%
  43. CAE $2.05 billion 54%
  44. Esterline $1.97 billion 37%
  45. Transdigm $1.92 billion 27%
  46. Irkut $1.91 billion N/A
  47. RUAG $1.89 billion 40%
  48. SAAB $1.89 billion 52%
  49. Korea Aerospace $1.85 billion 50%
  50. MDA $1.82 billion 22%
  51. Eaton $1.77 billion 65%
  52. ST Engineering $1.67 billion 40%
  53. Liebherr $1.49 billion 58%
  54. Hexcel $1.46 billion 42%
  55. MOOG $1.46 billion 47%
  56. Allegheny Technologies $1.40 billion 39%
  57. Aerojet Rocketdyne $1.38 billion 58%
  58. Orbital Sciences $1.37 billion 49%
  59. Fuji Heavy Industries $1.28 billion 33% 
  60. Daher $1.28 billion 52%
  61. Kongsberg $1.17 billion 46%
  62. Ultra Electronics $1.18 billion 45%
  63. Diehl Aerosystems $1.15 billion 71%
  64. Pilatus $1.09 billion 48%
  65. Woodward $1.06 billion 46%
  66. Cytec $1.05 billion 65%
  67. Fokker Technologies $1.01 billion 66%
  68. Heico $1.01 billion 35%
  69. Chemring $1.01 billion 45%
  70. Ball Aerospace $897 million 59%
  71. Lisi $882 million 31%
  72. ITP $832 million N/A
  73. Amphenol $831 million 42%
  74. Latecoere $824 million 35%
  75. Senior $788 million 30%
  76. Magellan Aerospace $640 million 31%
  77. FACC $725 million 46%
  78. Curtiss-Wright $703 million 38%
  79. Crane Aerospace $694 million 53%
  80. Aeroflex $647 million 51%
  81. Indra $637 million 19%
  82. Kaman Aerospace $581 million 63%
  83. SKF $586 million 43%
  84. Jamco $582million 22%
  85. Marshall $500 million 68%
  86. FLIR Systems $457 million 49%
  87. LMI Aerospace $413 million 35%
  88. Asco $412 million 43%
  89. ITT $350 million 53%
  90. Elettronica $341 million 14%
  91. Garmin $339 million 78%
  92. Ducommun $315 million 43%
  93. Doncasters $315 million 59%
  94. Martin-Baker $304 million 49%
  95. Denel $302 million 36%
  96. Heroux Devtek $264 million 37%
  97. Aciturri $216 million 38%
  98. Terma $202 million 52%
  99. Circor $197 million 38%
  100. Aero Vodochody $186 million 46%

Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

List of top 10 Airlines, Aviation, and defence companies in Bangalore.

Air India Sats Airport Services Private Ltd 

The company is joint venture between Air India Limited and SATS Limited. It is leading gateway service and food solution provider in Asia. The company had started its operations in 2008. AISATS provides comprehensive solutions of International airports at Delhi, Mangalore, Trivandrum, Bengaluru. It offers huge range of services including ramp handling, load control, flight operations, cargo handling services, passenger and baggage handling services etc.

Air Asia India Private Limited

AirAsia India had started its operation in the year 2014. The low cost carrier is headquartered in Bangalore. Its major hubs are as follows-

  • Kempegowda International Airport
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

Airbus Group India Private Limited

It is one of the top 10 Airlines, Aviation and Defense companies in Bangalore.  It is a European multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells civil and military aeronautical products worldwide. Its main product offering is commercial airlines and helicopters.

Antrix Corporation Ltd

Antrix Corporation Ltd was founded in the year 1992, headquartered in Bangalore. It is offering wide range of services including

  • Transponder provisioning
  • Satellite launch
  • Remote sensing
  • Spacecraft and Subsystems
  • Ground Infrastructure for Space based Needs
  • Mission Support

The company is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), wholly owned by the Government of India.

Bengaluru International Airport Limited

It is an international airport serving Bangalore. It is owned and operated by Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), a public–private consortium. It is hub for AirAsia India, Alliance Air, IndiGo, Jet Airways.

Deccan Charters Private Limited

Deccan Charters is an aviation company based in Bengaluru, India that operates helicopter and fixed-wing charter services. Its main base is HAL Bangalore International Airport. Deccan Technical Services, the maintenance unit of Deccan Charters, maintains helicopters on behalf of 50 Indian corporate such as Reliance Industries and Essar Group.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

The company was founded in the year 1940. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Its product are transport aircraft, fighter aircraft and helicopters. Hindustan Aeronautics is state owned aerospace and defense company. It is currently involved in the design, fabrication and assembly of jet engines,  aircraft, helicopters and their spare parts.

International Aerospace Manufacturing Pvt Ltd

IAMPL is joint venture between HAL and Rolls Royce. It manufacturers compressor parts for Roll Royce.

Moog Motion Controls Pvt Ltd

The company was established in the year 1990. Moog India is a focal point for servo motors solutions, services and production as well as defense applications in India. 

CAE India Pvt Ltd

CAE is a global leader in training for the defence, civil aviation, and security, and healthcare markets. The company is providing virtual to live training solutions to make flying safer, enhance patient safety and maintain defense force readiness.

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